Specialist Tree Surveys

J.F. Tree specialist has a wide experience of managing trees. Previous contracts range from domestic tree surveys that assess the condition of individual trees to assisting in, possibly, the largest tree/vegetation survey undertaken, which was on the UK’s railway infrastructure. The latter contract included identifying hazardous trees and making management recommendations on behalf of Network Rail.

J.F. Tree Specialist can offer you a range of consultations, including:

  • Surveys to establish the condition of your trees
  • Climbing surveys to establish the condition of your trees’ aerial parts
  • Tree related insurance reports
  • Tree related mortgage reports
  • Surveys on trees in relation to construction with BS5837 accordance
  • Surveys identifying hazardous trees within your tree stock
  • Decay detection


Surveying Services


Tree Health and Safety Surveys

This is a survey of trees either individually or sometimes as a group. This is undertaken using VTA inspection techniques. The survey will record, tree locations, identification numbers, height, crown spread, crown height, stem diameter, life stage and condition.

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Tree officer support for local authorities

To assist the local planning authority tree officer. Dealing with enquiries; drawing up specifications and monitoring tree contracts; advising on arboricultural matters; Implement planting schemes; surveying trees, updating & amending computerised records.

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Technical reports

BS5837 Report, Method Statements and Arb Impact Assessments (AIA). BS5837 Site supervision; Tree Related Mortgage / Insurance Reports assessing direct of indirect damage from trees.
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J.F. Tree Specialist provides a personal and professional service to all of their clients. We will advise and take care of matters regarding; the law, the safety and welfare of trees, and local authority applications.

Our team are National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) qualified and our Managing Director holds a BSc in horticulture, a level 3 technician’s certificate in arboriculture, a professional tree inspector’s qualification as well as a city and guilds in arboriculture.

We have full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.